Monday I suggested that forest fires were unceremoniously leveling hectares of woodland, along with homes, animals, and in some cases human lives, and that hurricanes, twisters and floods in unprecedented numbers, were raising concerns across the globe.

The global warming debate continues, with critical thinking around solutions, being replaced by pointless debates over whether there really is a problem. Monday’s note to transformational leaders was Waiting Means Wasting.

Lessons from global warming

Today I want to continue the discussion with another lesson I see from global warming:

The Consequences of Division over Vision

Last week I shared a past position where I was asked to lead the implementation of a transformational change within a department, but at the same time addressing stagnant thinking and defeatism by revamping the team.

Time was wasted on discussing whether or not there really was a problem, but that attempt to derail any significant change by some in the group had a consequence of a far greater impact. The division of the focus of the team!

The global warming debate has, on both sides of the argument, imminently qualified men and women, who’s energy, expertise and passion, is having far less of an impact because of the distractions discussed above. Similarly, my past division struggled at the outset, to deliver on key commitments, because of division within the ranks. The old adage “United we stand, divided we fall” stands the test of time for a reason – its true!

In the same way as the global warming distractions are limiting the ability to focus expertise and passion on finding solutions, so will the division of teams, caused by the distraction of dissenters, detract from the desire for transformational change. vision is one of the 4 components of transformational leadership!

Note to Transformational Leaders:

The leader’s role, once the vision and goal of the transformation are set, is to unify the organization around the need and desire to achieve the goals. Any willingness to allow dissent will of itself be the death knell of the transformation.

Regardless of your Transformational Leadership Style,  leaders require the insight and commitment to know that there is only one vision and one end goal – you are either in lock step, marching towards that goal, or you are a dissenter putting at risk the success of the transformation!

As we did yesterday we ask the same question. Where are you right now in terms of your change agenda? Are you dealing with dissent and division in the same way you dealt with pointless debate?

Learn the lesson of the global warming debate and imagine what could be accomplished if all global expertise was focused on solutions. Now imagine the heights achievable, and the transformational success possible with a team who all believe and pull in the same direction.

It will only be so if you refuse to settle for anything less – you decide.