Magic Moments

I have been sitting back and watching my youngest daughter prepare to apply for university next year and have been processing the reality and impact of what I call “magic moments.” What I mean by that are those special realizations that catapult us to the next level and energize our career and personal progression. My daughter, since she was quite young, was always clear on what she wanted to do – and having that clarity informed all the critical decisions she has had to make so far in her young life. What courses to take, how hard to work, what university to attend and the best schools for her chosen field to name just a few.

Do you remember some of those magic moments? When you realized you were really good at something. When you realized what you wanted to do with your career. Like my daughter’s understanding of what she wants to study, those moments energize and motivate us to dream bigger and work harder. It is worth it every once in a while to look back and revisit those magic moments and remind ourselves how it felt.Magic Moments

My Career – What am I really good at?

Take a look back and remember what it felt like when you realized you were really good and something. It may be more than one thing, but remember how that felt. How it felt to know you could excel at a certain skill, and that in doing so you could make a difference where you worked, and impact your career in a positive way. The ambition in life it gave you! I remember that feeling, but more importantly, I remember how it felt waking up and going to the office. I remember how hard it made me want to work, and how fulfilled my work seemed. I still feel it, but my daughter has made me realize how important it is every once and while to look back and remind myself.

What big do I want to dream?

What did my dream mean? It meant personal ambition! Looking back at those moments of realization, including our career choices, reminds us of how big our dreams were, and still should be! There are times when life just gets in the way and we forget what and how big our dreams were. Take a look back and remind yourself. It is never too late. It good to dream – watching my daughter has reminded me of that.

Try it – you might just find yourself recharged and willing to dream just a bit bigger – how bad can that be?