Kick Start for Success

Two weeks ago we tied an orderly bow on the close of 2014. As we left our offices we likely spent some time tidying up, ensured projects were wound up and positioned for a successful new year, and loose ends closed and filed away.Kick Start for Success

As we arrive at our offices ready for the beginning of a new year, it is equally important that we position ourselves for the best 2015 possible, full of achievement and possibility. Consider these actions for success to set up 2015.

Successful People Look back for Clues

For all of us 20144 was a combination of successes both full and partial, along with disappointments and things we wish we could do again. All of those things, both good and bad, contain clues for success in 2015, if we are willing to look back and listen – To listen to the clues and lessons contained in the successes and failures of 2014. We want to repeat the things we did well in the last year, avoid the mistakes, and learn from our experiences. One of the most common traits of successful people, is the ability to learn, grow and improve based on lessons learned.

Successful People Track Success

Once we have looked back and evaluated 2014 for the clues and lessons, we need to focus our attention on the year ahead and the things we want to accomplish. I mentioned that successful people learn from the past –  successful people also track success – what I mean by that is they set goals and objectives, and measure how they are doing against them. I remember a few years ago being asked by my boss to write down and track what we were accomplishing that year to ensure we didn`t forget. Being honest, I forgot from time to time to write the things down, and at the end of the year, struggled to ensure I could document all the years’ accomplishments – lesson learned. I keep track now and so should you. Whether it is an email folder, a document on your computer or a hand written journal – in 2015 keep track of success.

Successful People Level Set  every Quarter

Anyone who has managed projects or programs will understand that plans are living documents. Things happen, many times out of our control. We need to level set on a regular basis to ensure we remain realistic and able to adjust to what life brings. Same applies to personal goals. One of the keys to success is to clearly define what you want to accomplish this year. Write it down. Measure your progress and level set every quarter at the least. For me it is every month. Do whatever works for you, but do it!

2015 is here and 2014 is in the books. We all want success. The most successful people level set often, track their success and learn from the past.

Kick start 2015 for success!