It wasn’t so very long ago that the person in charge of a business spent their whole time telling others what to do. Micromanagement was essentially what was expected from those at the top of the corporate ladder, but the approach to leadership has changed, with empowerment now considered a virtue that every great leader should possess.team3

The way that these leaders often show that off is by creating teams that can handle a wide variety of different tasks within the organization. When the team is properly put together, the manager can then trust that the work will get done without having to be checked on every single day.

Think About Football

Modern business leaders are a bit like professional football GMs. The best general managers thrive by putting other good leaders in charge of different elements of the team. They will hire the head coach, who will then hire coaches to take control of the offense, defense, special teams, and other parts of the team. This all works effectively when the right people are put in place, which is why team management is such an important part of being a modern leader.

It all begins by choosing people who share the same vision of the organization. At the end of the day, everyone is working towards the same common goal, and that has to be passed on down the line from the top to the bottom.

This does not necessarily mean that each team has to be made up of like-minded people, as diversity can actually make the team stronger. You want to have people who come at problems with different ideas, or who can question decisions by delivering out of the box solutions that others may never have thought of on their own.

Staying Close

While a good manager will know exactly how to put an effective team together, including choosing a leader for each critical area, he or she will also understand that they need to check in every now and again.team4

They will take the time to address each team and let them know that every member has a role to play in the success of the organization. This approach helps with the empowerment aspect that we referenced earlier, as every employee is made to feel as though what they are doing, however, small in the grand scheme of things, has a positive impact on the business as a whole.

As briefly mentioned earlier, it is important that everyone within the team is given a voice. Imagination and creativity are the keys that help unlock innovative ideas that can change the business for the better.

Great leaders are not afraid to have their own ideas challenged or expanded upon, and that can only happen if everyone knows that they are free to express their opinion without fear of retribution or ridicule.

There is not necessarily a single right way to do things, and by opening the floor to other ideas, a good leader will open up alternate options that may prove to be better than how things are done now.

Are you operating as a modern leader? If so your team is positioned for success!


  1. Trust is also an important part of leadership. I agree that micromanage is not an effective style of leadership.

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