Man holding a clock in his hand.

So today is Monday – The very best thing about Monday is how even the playing field is. We all start out with exactly the same amount of time – 604,800 seconds – exactly one week – The question is what are you going to do with it?

When you slide yourself out of bed this morning what are you going to do that makes the day and week worthwhile? In my reading, one of the things that I have found consistent about great leaders is that they make their time count. They are driven to accomplish, and to make the effort to make a difference.Making Every Day Count

So as you walk into your office this morning, understanding that likely more than 5000 seconds have ticked off your weekly allocation, what are you going to do differently to make your time count. I cannot commit for you but here are three things I am going to concentrate on.

The First Minute

It is too easy to fall into the trap of platitudes and rote as we meet and interact with people during the day. “How was your week-end?” – “Good” – “you?” – “good.” Sound familiar? Starting this week I am going to consciously try to make that first minute of every interaction count. I’m going to make eye contact and really listen to what that person is saying – if they had a great week-end I want to know why. When one of my colleagues has an issue, or a team member needs an answer, I am going to focus on providing an answer, direct to the point and take encouragement from being able to help. I am going to make that first minute count!

That 1 Thing

What is that one thing you’ve always wanted to do, try or get to, but there never seems to be enough time? Why not use this next set of 604,800 seconds to start towards that one thing you have always wanted to do? I read a quote years ago from an unknown author that rings as true today as it did then:

Things happen in life whether you’re ready or not. Seize the moment and take a chance or watch it walk away. It’s simple. 

So, what is that one thing – check yourself tomorrow 5000 seconds in and make sure you’ve done something to move towards that goal!

Leave One Person Better Off

This next week I am going to make sure I leave at least one person better off than when I first met them. It could be I encouraged them when they were down. It could be I helped them resolve a problem at work, or maybe took that problem away to resolve myself. It doesn’t matter what, but I’m going to look back on my next 604,800 allotment and make sure I leave one person better off! – What about you?

604,800 seconds, gone in a blink – make sure this week you do something to make them count!