It doesn’t have to be January 1st to turn over a new leaf and start afresh. It doesn’t have to be the first day of a new month, or a Monday. That being said, certain realities need to be in place to really start fresh. There are all kinds of reasons why people would want to start fresh:

  • Boredom
  • Defeat
  • Lack of motivation or;
  • The need for a change.

In order to really experience the wonder of a fresh start, don’t forget the following key components.freshstart

  1. Retire the past

It is much easier to decide to start fresh than it is to put behind us the reasons we made that decision. The past is the past, and it only hinders our forward progress if we allow it to take a position other than where it belongs. If issues need to be settled, settle them. If closure is required, find it. Then start fresh.

  1. Admit short comings

New starts can be the option of choice when we find ourselves disappointed at certain outcomes or just unable to affect the progress we really long for. That is a perfect time to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and …wait for it… admit where we may have failed! Sometimes it really is our fault, and to face those failings straight on is critical to best position ourselves to not repeat them in our next adventure.

  1. Commit

Much has been said about the need for commitment as a critical underpinning to success. While I agree that it is, I think we need focus on what we commit to when we are talking about a fresh start. Much like admitting to our short comings, we need to commit to who and what we are. We can’t be someone else. We all have qualities and strengths, which when leveraged, puts us in a position to succeed and be happy doing it. Commit to who you are, to what you believe in and to what you want. When we do, we face the future with that past where it should be and our focus doing the same – powerful stuff!

  1. Enjoy

A friend once informed me that he was quitting the job he was in. It was a high paying job with the usual perks and a great deal of visibility within the organization – and he did it well. All that said, he was quitting. When I asked him why, his answer was short and sweet – “I’m not having fun anymore.” Never lose sight of the fact that you may be moving on or starting afresh solely because you are stale – you’re not having fun. And that is an altogether valid reason for a change – we have to enjoy what we are doing in order to achieve fulfillment in career and life, but remember that when you start again – remember to have fun!

So – turn over the new leaf – start afresh, but remember to have fun while you are committing to the future and putting the past where it belongs!