The True Value of Vision

The True Value of Vision

Leadership that matters and lasts is leadership that survives the leader’s presence. The question for us today is our legacy as leaders.  I have had the privilege to lead many change initiatives. My most pressing...
When Risk Makes Sense

When Risk Makes Sense

Fear and doubt also keep us from taking risks. These two are a dreamer’s worst enemy. Take the advice of Gareth O’Callaghan and “Do not fear risk. All exploration, all growth is calculated. Without...
Take Responsibility - Be happy

Take Responsibility – Be Happy

The real question is whether or not you want to be happy at work? You won't ever be happy if you constantly tell yourself that you're "stressed to the max” don`t like your co-workers...
Think Big Act Small

Make Your Team More Accountable!

"People are most productive and have a passion for their work when they agree with the values of the company" Jason Jennings - Think Big Act Small   Listen to the Podcast Here
The Accountability Question

The Accountability Question

A leaders ability to speak up and address team failures effectively is one of the key ingredients behind successful project execution. Listen to the Podcast Here!

One Last Lesson From the Global Warming Debate

A leader’s role is to ensure that while demanding the team is in lock step, marching towards that goal, they equally ensure that the respectful consideration of members input positions the team to feel engaged....

Playing Well in the Sandbox

Our organization is just one big sandbox is it not? Our projects slightly smaller, but sandboxes none the less. Leaders need to create the right environment within our teams to enable people to work...

When Mentors are Missing

In the same way that the work environment has evolved, individuals looking for advancement and success need to evolve as well!   Listen to the Podcast Here!

Leadership That Adapts

Listen to the Podcast Here!

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