Playing Well in the Sandbox


Our organization is just one big sandbox is it not? Our projects slightly smaller, but sandboxes none the less. Leaders need to create the right environment within our teams to enable people to work well together.1243425-orange-plastic-spade-and-blue-bucket-in-the-sandy-seashore

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After 20 years of progressive leadership within the Canadian Public Service, as an executive and thought leader, Bruce has turned his attention to full time writing, speaking, training and business advisory services. Focusing his work on his long term passion for leadership development, has led to an ongoing focus on exploring current leadership topics through his leadership blog, and his newly released book - Leadership Hack: Leading the Millennial Tribe. Bruce holds two masters degrees, along with a professional designation in project management. Bruce calls Ottawa, Ontario Canada home, where he shares his life with his wife Susan, and his two university aged daughters.

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